Geodetic Systems, Inc (GSI) is the world's leading provider of portable, automated photogrammetric systems for non-contact, high accuracy 3D coordinate measurements in industries ranging from aircraft, aerospace and automobile manufacturing, through to shipbuilding, and to the antenna and wind power industries.


Click here to read the paper by Michael Lazar, titled "Photogrammetry Measurements of Airplane Passenger Entry Doors" (Courtesy of the CMSC Journal, Vol 10 No 2, Fall 2015,

Click here to watch the 2015 CMSC Corner interview with John Brown (President, GSI), conducted by Dirk Dusharme (Editor in Chief, Quality Digest Live).

V-STARS has been fully tested and validated in accordance with the VDI/VDE 2634 standard for optical 3D measurement systems.

Our Products

The portable, high-accuracy V-STARS range is available in single camera and multi-camera real-time measurement system configurations



V-STARS 3D measurement technology operates where others can’t, in difficult to access & unstable environments


Product Videos

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